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Car locksmith for Land Rover keys

We have lost the keys to our house and are now locked out.
We program all types of Land Rover and Range Rover keys, from older Defender keys that have an additional key fob to the latest Range Rover Sport and Evoque Smart Keys.North Locksmith (Manchester) is a reputable and highly professional locksmith service in Manchester.
We can provide top-level locksmith services in Manchester, including lock repair and replacement.


Locked out? Locks not working? Do you want to improve your home security and safety?

Emergency North Manchester locksmith services

We are able to:

Replace the lost Land Rover / Range Rover key the next day.
Recover locked Land Rover and Range Rover keys
Remove defective keys from the ignition switch or door and make new keys for you.
Replacing or reprogramming damaged, unresponsive or defective remote controls for Land Rover as well as Smart Keys.
We are a specialist in making keys specifically for Range Rover Sport. Even if all keys have been lost, we can make all years up to 2018 – “flip” style keys and proximity keys with smart technology – no key that works.

Broken Land Rover keys

Land Rovers are extremely durable and long-lasting cars, but the keys do not last as long because they can break in the lock or crack and break the plastic housing. Most older cars use a remote as an immobilizer instead of a transponder like most cars, and you will notice a problem when the battery goes out. It is not possible to disable the immobilizer. They are stuck! Sometimes we can replace the batteries and change the handheld transmitter settings for you. However, if this does not work, we will create a replacement for you and program it to your vehicle for you.

Keys for Range Rover and Range Rover Sport up to the 2018 model year.
The latest Range Rovers have received a security update that means they are not able to add additional smart keys to the system, even when at the dealer, without replacing the KVM module as well as the BCM. This is obviously a costly task. We have the latest technology that allows us to encode keys directly into the modules without modifying their module. Contact us if you need help with keys that are new to the market. Range Rover Keys.

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