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Have you lost your car keys?

Have you lost your car keys from the lock on the door or snapped into the barrel of the ignition?

Perhaps you’ve taken it from your pocket or in your bag, and the top is missing! Are the keys so smooth and worn that they won’t turn inside the lock?

Perhaps the buttons aren’t functioning? It’s a grueling surprise. However, it can be dealt with in a matter of minutes by using our mobile broken key replacement service for cars. Contact us, and we’ll take the damaged piece out of the lock for you and cut a new key as quickly as possible in our fully-equipped service van.

If the part isn’t completely or the key won’t open the lock, don’t stress; you can create an entirely new key that fits the lock with our high-precision tools to measure an internal dimension of the locking or our state-of-the-modern key code software that can determine the reason why the missing piece in the key got cut.


Locked out? Locks not working? Do you want to improve your home security and safety?

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What is the reason why my car key has broken?

A lot of people are shocked by the discovery that their car keys have been damaged. But keys are made to be sufficiently soft to be cut initially and are made of an alloy of mild steel or nickel-plated brass. This should work fine for a long time, but eventually, fatigue from metal can develop, and the key may crack and break. If the key appears bent or damaged and bent, it’s best to be replacing it immediately in case you have to put it inside the lock.

There’s a chance that part of it won’t come out in the future.
If your locks are worn, it could cause difficulty turning the key, resulting in the key’s premature failure. Similar to if you make 100 deliveries a day in your van, and you lock then unlock your door every when you leave to make a delivery, the key will wear out more quickly.

Your keys are supposed to be put into a lock! Do not use them to open paint cans or parcels or to commit vandalism. It could cause trouble. Tossing them into the air could be dangerous as you could damage them with the blade or even smash the delicate transponder chip within.

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