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Mercedes car locksmith near North Manchester

Are you looking for a Mercedes car locksmith near North Manchester?
We specialize in cutting and programming keys as well as smart keys. We can cut keys for all Mercedes cars up to the 2014 model year, as well as Mercedes Sprinter vans from 2014 up to 2018. We also repair and diagnose problems with Mercedes keys as well as the EZS (EIS) electronic ignition switch as well as associated parts – electronic steering lock ( ESL ). We are a reputable company for Mercedes car locksmiths and are available throughout North Manchester and surrounding regions, including all East Manchester and North West Manchester zip codes.


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Emergency North Manchester locksmith services

Mercedes car locksmith service

We can solve the following Mercedes problems:

  • spare key programming
  • Key stored in the boot or at the front of the car
  • The remote control does not work
  • The key will not turn in the ignition switch
  • The key will turn, but the car will not start.
  • The car turns on, but some lights on the dashboard do not light up
  • The lock for the steering is stuck
  • The key falls apart
    The metal key does not fit in
  • the door or boot lock
  • The key works intermittently

This is just a small sample of the problems we deal with on a daily basis. Although they are very secure, Mercedes keypads with infrared (smart keys) can cause problems, especially if they become damaged or old due to drops, water, dirt or even water ingress.

In addition, there are problems in the communication between the electronic ignition lock and the electronic steering locks, which can cause the car to stop starting or the lock to stop working. We can repair or replace the steering lock, and we are able to repair or reprogram or replace your ignition lock if it fails.

Mercedes cars, for which we offer services

Mercedes cars, for which we offer services to lock your car
A-Class W169, W176
B-Class W245, W246
C-Class W201, W202, W203, W204
CLS W219
E-Class W210, W211, W212
ML W163, W164 with flip-blade keys are no longer sold by Mercedes!
S-Class W220, W221
G-Class W463
Vito, V-Class, Viano W638,W639
Sprinter W906

We can supply keys for various Mercedes models as well as many older models that have a metal key instead of an electronic key.

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