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We are specialists in BMW keys

We can repair any type of BMW key, including classic cars like the 80s BMW E30 all the way to the most modern BMW X1.

BMW car key generation
The first generation of BMW keys for immobilizers is the EWS system. This system uses a key that consists of buttons made of rubber or a diamond-shaped plastic key.

It was followed by the Ca key, which was first used in the seven-series E65 model. It is the very first slot inside or smart key. The idea was adopted across the entire model range.


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we serves all version of BMW models

The next version of the BMW key comes with the CAS4 FEM, BDC or CAS4 system used in current models. Also called proximity or keyless keys. They can be kept in your pocket, and as long as they are present in the pocket, the vehicle can be started and opened. These keys are used by the F10 generation 5 series along with other models such as the X1, X3, as well as 4 series.

BMW Models we cover
BMW 1 Series
BMW x1
BMW 2series
BMW 3 Series
BMW x3
BMW 4 Series
BMW 5 series
BMW x5
BMW 6 Series
BMW x6
BMW 7 Series
We also repair broken immobilizers in BMW and other models. If your battery was low and the car now turns over but will not start, we can help. Call us


Does the steering wheel light come on? You can reset it. BMW electronic steering wheel locks ( BMW ELV reset).

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