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This is the official website of North Locksmith, located in the Henley Building, Newtown Road, Henley on the Thames; the business offers expert, highly trained auto locksmiths.

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Internet Trading and Conditions

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This agreement, which you accept to follow in exploring and obtaining information on this website, is the conditions under which you’re granted access to the website by North Locksmith. This website has copyright and proprietary notices and conditions that you agree to comply with and comply with.

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Call Recording

Contacts to North Locksmith could have to be recorded for education or purposeful quality purposes.

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The copyright of this website belongs to North Locksmith. You are allowed to download the content of this site to your hard drive for personal use. You are also permitted to copy the content to a third person for personal use if they acknowledge the source of the content by citing this website and inform the third party that they are legally bound to North Locksmith terms and conditions.

Free Call Out / “Survey”

Between 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday through Thursday (excluding holiday weekends) and subject to the availability of technicians, we will not charge you to visit your residence to perform the “pre-service” inspection or quote. However, it is our discretion to add charges for these call-outs outside these hours and during peak times. The applicable fees are to be disclosed and agreed upon before arriving at your premises.

Card payment

North Locksmith will refund all payments made using a credit card or another method* if the transaction can be proven fraudulent or made by mistake.

*Payments made via PayPal can be dependent on PayPal Buyer Protection

Payments made through Go Cardless are subject to the direct debit guarantee

Complaints Procedure

North Locksmith strives to offer high-quality services that meet your requirements. We believe that we do this almost all the time. Do contact us if you think you aren’t getting the job done.

Local technicians service north Locksmith. Franchisees operate their businesses within our brand’s guidelines, procedures and processes.

To make sure that our services stay on a continuous and high standard, we have created a process that allows you to notify us if, for any reason why you are not satisfied.

If you have any concerns, such as the technician’s conduct, artistry, or even costs, please contact the franchisee first. In most cases, the issue will be resolved immediately.

If the situation is more complex or you aren’t satisfied with the answer from your franchisee, The North Locksmith Group Head Office will investigate your situation further.

Please formally write to The Managing Director at The North Locksmith Group, Suites 207-209, Regus, The Henley Building, Newtown Road, Henley on the Thames, RG9 1HG, or email [email protected]

Please include all information, including copies of any invoices, reports and conversation chains should they be relevant.

The goal is to investigate the complaint thoroughly. We will provide you, at a minimum, an immediate response to your complaint within 48hrs (2 work days).

Applicable Law

The terms of these conditions, as well as relationships between them and North Locksmith (UK) Ltd and its franchisees authorized by it, shall be governed and interpreted according to the Law of England and Wales and North Locksmith (UK) Ltd, and you accept that you will submit to the sole authority and jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.