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You may be in an unfortunate situation where your keys to your car have been lost or stolen.

We can respond quickly so your vehicle is protected and fully functional. With our advanced auto locksmith services, we can usually reach you in a matter of hours.

If your car keys are lost or stolen, we recommend that you change or recode the lock units of your vehicle and disengage any existing keys. This will prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle, including opening or starting.

Locked out? Locks not working? Do you want to improve your home security and safety?

Emergency North Manchester locksmith services


We offer a complete auto locksmith service, which will change or de-program your vehicle keys. The following steps are included in this process:

  • The vehicle’s immobilizer transponders must be removed from its memory. These transponders are embedded in keys and allow the engine to start. The vehicle’s immobilizer will not accept keys that have been lost or stolen.
  • The key fob’s remote control locks and unlocks your vehicle with the push of a button. Vehicles won’t recognize any key fob remotes lost or stolen.
  • Recoding and replacing the ignition barrel, tailgate barrel, and glove box barrels – making old keys and other access points useless.
  • Two new keys are cut and programmed for your vehicle.


We provide 24hr locksmith Manchester services for residential properties.
In recent years, many vehicle manufacturers have used plastic keys with no obvious blades.
Every car will have an emergency blade in the plastic key that can be used to open a covered door handle in the event of a remote central locking failure.Our experts can open the lock quickly.
We have the experience to unlock all types of locks, whether Euro or Mortice.
If someone has stolen your flat keys, we quickly change the lock so your property is safe.
We provide Manchester locksmith services 24 hours a day for residential properties.


We have noticed that more insurance companies offer car key coverage as part of their insurance policies. Insurance companies may also offer full lock replacement or recoding. This assures you that your car’s keys, including any stolen or lost ones, will not be used to open your doors, central locking remote, or immobilizer systems.
For a breakdown of your policy coverage, check your insurance policy. If you are covered, you can claim back the cost for your car key replacement or car key lock replacement.

Most jobs can be handled with our mobile service within one visit. We usually can get to you in under an hour. 

North Locksmith Manchester will contact your insurance company to provide a price estimate or a quote for a complete car lock replacement or re-keying of your keys.

Our advisers can help you improve your car’s immobilizer system.


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