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ensure your safety with our residential locksmith service

Nobody wants their van stolen or broken into. This can lead to days, if certainly not weeks, of lost work. It also means the cost of replacing equipment.

“No tools in this van.”

These signs that say “No tools left in the van overnight” are almost clichés. 

Therefore, keeping vans safe is essential – regardless of whether there are any items in them.

A van without security devices, visible or not, is vulnerable to being broken into.

Thieves will be attracted to vans that lack locking mechanisms or extra security.

Locked out? Locks not working? Do you want to improve your home security and safety?

Emergency North Manchester locksmith services


Van and commercial vehicle burglaries are on the rise, particularly in Manchester.

Unsurprisingly, professionals who depend on their vans need additional locking mechanisms to secure their vehicles and protect their cabin doors, side and rear.

No matter what make or model of van you have, our professional security team will be able to advise you on how to keep it as safe as possible. Call us today!

The following extra security locks and van-specific mechanisms are available:

  • Hook Lock
  • Deadlocks
  • Slam Locks
  • Statement Lock
  • Loom Guard

It's time to invest in improved security of your trade vehicle and its contents.

We can help you protect your van and fleet from theft and cargo theft, whether you are a tradesperson, independent driver, or even the owner or manager of a fleet.

Deadlocks: These are the most popular security upgrades for vans in the UK. They consist of two parts. The first is a bolt that goes to the van door, and the second is the receiving bracket that attaches to the van’s interior.

Slam Locks – Designed for couriers and multidrop drivers, once the van door has been shut, it locks automatically and can only be opened with a specific key. This means that even if a slamlock opens one van door, all other doors remain locked.

Statement Locks – These are mounted outside vehicle doors and act as visual deterrents or independent deadlocks. They are more resistant to thieves trying to open the door by placing them higher than normal.

Loom Guards – This guards the van’s vulnerable areas where thieves could access the wiring harness. They can then tamper with the system to disable it and get into the vehicle.

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