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Euro Locks In Manchester

euro Cylinder lock, also known as a ‘pin tumbler lock’ (as it was initially called when its first patent was issued in 1805), is used mainly as a lock mechanism to control a lock case. Euro Cylinder locks are today’s most sought-after locking method among locksmiths and ironmongers specializing in architectural iron. Find the prices.

Contemporary Euro Cylinders feature anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick security features, making them ideal for various settings, such as schools, homes and academies, care homes and hospitals, to mention some!

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Like in the modern era, people could lose their keys, and locksmiths had to select doors for their customers.

The criminals quickly saw the possibility of breaking into homes by picking Euro Cylinders, so new measures were implemented.

Anti-pick locks were invented and were soon adopted as the standard.

A variety of key styles are designed to be used with Euro Profile cylinder locks, usually by companies who want to establish trends using patent-pending designs.

However, designs not protected by patents were eventually copied, and a market was established to supply locksmiths with key bars and key blanks. Since the demand for euro-sized cylinders increased and they became more easily accessible.

Keen to stay just one step away from criminals seeking to take advantage of vulnerable security systems for locking, this industry has introduced British Standards to encourage manufacturers of Euro Cylinder Locks to improve their reliability and security levels.

Alongside responsible producers, Master Key Systems secured BSEN 1303 in 2005 for its European Profile Cylinders.

BSEN 1303 2005 standard BSEN 1303 2005 standard ensures the highest reliability and security levels based on the standards that were achieved through testing.

It was the beginning of a new age for European Profile Cylinder Locks. The new standards were developed to give the numerous users of Euro Cylinders a more excellent selection dependent on the use, i.e., moderate risk to high risk of breaking in.

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