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Electronic control panel door locks service Manchester

Electric Door Opener Locks. The electric door opener lock is a mechanical device that can be operated manually and releases a latch when activated.

Activation can be accomplished by pressing an electronic panic keypad or critical fob reader inside or outside the building.

You can program the keypad or key fob to accept predetermined locking patterns, such as a random, hallway or on-site codes. This allows you to control access. The door opens automatically when the keypad is pressed.


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Electric strike lock plate The best choice for enterprise security.

  • An electric strike plate is one of the most effective security tools a business can purchase. It is installed between the strike plate rail and the door frame, preventing burglars from gaining access to your doors without having to break open windows or doors.
  • This is a great way to increase security and control who has access to your business. With an electric strike, you have complete control over who can always enter your property.
  • When choosing a strike plate, it is essential that you can install it on the door of your business yourself. You will not need to hire a locksmith to install it, saving you time and money.
  • Take the time to learn how to install a strike plate, so you do not make mistakes when using it. You have many options, such as remote controls that allow you to activate or deactivate your system from anywhere in the company.
  • A locking mechanism is another excellent feature of some models, allowing you to open only the window or door in the area you want to access. This prevents you from trying to gain access to the entire building.
  • These products are also very affordable for many people. Many people find that an electric door opener lock and critical combination system is cheaper than an actual deadbolt.
  • Many packages available on the market include everything you need to secure your windows and doors at an affordable price. Before buying, compare all available models.

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