At some point, every car owner will need a new key. A new key for your car may be more expensive than you expected, depending on whether the key was lost or damaged. Volkswagen car owners who experience this problem must choose whether to have a replacement key made at their dealership or a local locksmith.

VW cars are extremely popular with drivers due to the variety of models available. It would help if you looked through all available models to find the right one when replacing your car keys.

A professional locksmith can determine the type of key you require based on your vehicle’s specific year and model. A new programmed VW key is required to replace a VW key. This can be expensive and could cost as high as 300 PS. 

VW car key replacement

Auto Locksmiths have the expertise and equipment to program all car keys models and are much cheaper than dealerships. It will also last longer than if you visit a dealer to replace your VW keys. Locksmiths can come to your location quickly and program the transponder keys you require in minutes.

They can replace your key, whether a manual or a remote lockable key, with 3 or 2 buttons. These specialists can replace lost or damaged VW car keys at an extremely high level of quality.

Cost of replacing a VW key

The average cost to replace a VW key is 120 PS. Depending on which key model you require, this cost can rise to 300 PS. It is possible to have a locksmith cut a new VW key for you, as we’ve already mentioned. To make the key work, it must be programmed.

No matter how many keys are needed, they must be programmed to work correctly. Programming a VW key can cost around 75 PS or more. Programming a VW key incorrectly can cause the car not to open or the ignition to turn on. Ask for expert assistance.

What is the average time it takes to replace a VW Key?

A locksmith usually takes about 30 minutes to replace a VW key. Some parts may need to be ordered, especially if you are dealing with a vintage model or other special considerations. The technician you hire will take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry.

You don’t need the original VW key to replace a VW key. The specialist can quickly decode your vehicle and create a new key.

An auto locksmith can cut a new key based on your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). No matter what type of key you require or if you don’t have a spare, an auto locksmith can easily replace your VW key.