Car owners are often locked out of their cars. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to get somewhere fast. You don’t have to panic if your keys are lost, stolen, or left behind in the car.

Here are some options you have to try in a lockout situation and what you should do to get your car back.

First, ensure that your car is locked if possible. You should check every door as well as the trunk. Sometimes the trunk may not be open, but the doors might be closed. If your trunk is open, you can access your car by opening it.

Many car owners have a spare key to keep them safe in an emergency, such as a lockout. If you do not have a spare key, search for it. Some car owners keep the key hidden in their car, while others give it to close friends or relatives so they can access it whenever they need it.

Duplicating your car keys is smart, even if you are very careful. You never know what could happen.

You can use a coat hook to open your car’s door if it is locked and you don’t have a spare key. This method will only work if your door locks are old-fashioned with buttons on the window ledge. You can bend a wire hanger into a hook shape by using a wire hanger.

The hanger should be inserted between the rubber molding and the side window. Next, wrap it around the door button to pull it up. This technique should work with any bendable metal wire.

A shoelace can be used if the door lock sticks out from the top of your interior door trim. Make a slip knot with your shoelace and insert it into the car through the right corner of the window. Next, pull the lock upwards.

You can use an automatic door lock to open your car. To insert a straightened coat hanger or a long rid, place a wedge under the top corner. Push the lock to unlock the car. You should not press too hard on the window to open it.

Sometimes, none of these methods work. In such cases, you can call an Emergency Locksmith. The locksmith will quickly open your car without damaging its parts or doors. A local locksmith can also make new keys for you if your car keys have been lost. You only need the Vehicle Identification Number.

Your vehicle’s security is vital. You must be aware of whether your keys are locked in the car, lost, damaged, or the door won’t open.

Instead of putting your car at risk, contact an auto locksmith to open it for you. He will then cut a new key for you. Ask him to duplicate your keys if they were in the car. This will always allow you to have a spare key.