Many people have probably heard of the following scenario and even experienced it. The door locks were locked, and keys remained in the ignition switch (engine can run), on the seat, glove box, cup holder, etc. “smart electronics should prevent this scenario”.

In practice, however, it is not uncommon to close a key or transponder fob in a car. This can happen, for instance, during winter when the freeze-thaw lock mechanism is not working. A “switched off the alarm” can also trigger the blocking.

The driver accidentally closes the trunk’s transponder key. This is also a common occurrence. There are some more unusual stories, but they do happen. For example, a pet at the salon puts its paw on the keychain left on the chair. Let’s see what we can do in such a difficult situation.

To unlock your car’s doors, call a locksmith.

You must first accept that nearly every solution will cost you some money. It is your task to reduce it as much as possible. You are fully equipped if you carry a cell phone.

The best and most economical solution in this situation is to call a technician that can solve the problem. Technicians typically use a variety of electronic and mechanical “picks” to unlock locked doors. Many companies specialize in autopsy. Manchester Locksmith can help you open your car door quickly and cheaply.

If it’s an older car with basic protection, the opening price is 89 Euros. It can go up to 300 Euros if you look at a car with a more complex protection system.

Watch this video to see a locksmith open your car

Our locksmiths will make sure your vehicle is opened without any damage.

Sall relatives

Sometimes, it is simple to call your family and friends to get a spare key for the car. Modern cars come with at least two keys.

The following “life hack”, also available online, allows you to reach relatives with access to the second key or alarm panel. Simply switch to speakerphone mode, hold the device closer to the door, and ask the assistant for the unlock key. The lock will then be allegedly unlocked. The key word is “ostensibly”. This knowledge does not work, as our experience has shown.

Break glass

You can break a car window using a few tools.

If a child is left in the car, the locks are locked. This option becomes almost unavoidable. It was he who could open your car from the interior, playing with the key fob or locking mechanism. Plant glass as soon as possible.

It is not necessary to contact your dealer to find out which glasses are the most affordable and if they are available. Don’t try to break the glass with your foot or hand. Instead, a hammer or reinforcement stone hit the glass at its edge. Tape can be used to protect the glass from being broken. If forced vandalism occurs, you may be able to break glass or vents. Ask your insurance company about this.

Lock the larvae

Rolling up the lock cylinder is another brutal and urgent way to open a vehicle. This is a good option if your domestic car is older and more expensive. Spare parts, in this instance, a set or lock larvae, are cheap.

Use hooks and wires.

You can find many tips on the Internet from “seasoned” about how to open a car’s doors using a ruler, screwdriver or wire. These tips may be outdated (refer back to older cars) or could cause damage to your car. The Network is full of life hacks from “specialists”. They know how to remove the door lock by putting a loop on it. Wherever you need to press the lock with a ruler, wire or wire, it will be pulled out after having bent the rubber seal.

These feats should not be repeated. This is the only acceptable method for squeezing the upper edges of an older, less-expensive auto. It involves putting a wooden or plastic piece between the sash of the door and the opening. At worst, you can use a thick screwdriver, spatula, or rag to wrap the tool.

The gap is then filled with a long wire with a hook attached at one end. The device engages the inner door handle and jerks it up. The button to unlock the locks or the window regulator button is pressed if the engine is running. If the ignition key is inserted into a lock cylinder, it will hook the ignition key. Even if you’re lucky enough to play the “hook” role, the risk of damaging elements such as paintwork, upholstery and the door itself is very high. It will likely be less expensive to call the repairers.

Here are some tips. Avoid a situation in which your keys are held captive. Make a habit of always having your key with you whenever you get out of your car. It is unnecessary to create a duplicate of your keys and keep it as a key fob. You can also reduce the risk of losing your car keys if you don’t use the “automatic doors locking” programmable option.