Before changing the lock, it is important to know what type of device is in your doors. It will most likely be either a lever or a cylinder. They are the most popular in recent years. It is possible to combine these devices. After determining the type of mechanism, it is possible to determine if it is necessary to dismantle and replace the device completely or if it is sufficient to simply change the secret mechanism if there is a problem with the jammed lock. It is unnecessary to take apart the whole lock if the keys have been lost. You can replace the “insides” of the lock. However, complete replacement of locks may be required depending on the locking device.

Replace locks with a cylinder lock mechanism

First, prepare all tools necessary for dismantling and reinserting. A “grinder”, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, a drill with different diameters, and a gun to install rivets are all necessary. Once you have chosen the right tool, it is time to get to work.

First, remove the cylinder from the lock by unscrewing the screw and then removing it. Next, remove the handles from the lock and the block that connects the handle to the swivel mechanism. You will need to remove the screws from the lock case’s end and remove the door.

It is a good idea to bring an old maggot with you when buying a secrecy device. You will need to measure the thickness and dimensions of the door. The cylinder must be the same as the original: it should not protrude beyond its edge or “hide” within the canvas.

The new lock body must be the same size as the original. If it is not perfectly sized,

When choosing them, it is important to choose lock handles that are the same size or slightly larger than the old ones. If the handles are disassembled, it will show through the door.

Once you have removed the old lock, all parts and components for the new device are collected, and it is time to install the device. This is done in reverse.

Installing a new lock

If the lock is in good condition, it will not take much effort to turn the key or handle. The mechanism should operate smoothly without making any extra noises or jamming.

Manchester lever locks replaced

These devices are more complicated than those with cylindrical designs and will require more work to be replaced.

After the locking device has been disassembled, you can inspect it, measure it, and choose products that are similar in dimensions. You can now install the lock.

Do not panic if you lose your Manchester keys or if a lock jams or is otherwise damaged. It may not be necessary to replace the entire lock. You may not need to replace the lock completely. First, you should determine if it is possible to fix it without complete dismantling. To do this, dial 0161 554 0393.